Thank you for checking out our website and blog! My name is Samuel Sokol and I am the owner and certified trainer at Full Armor Fitness, LLC. I am going to try to start putting out more content to educate others in fitness, nutrition, powerlifting, business, life, and anything else I feel like talking about. So to begin let me just tell you a little bit more about myself.

I am 28 years old, married to my beautiful wife Ashley, and a pawrent of a pup named Maggie. Faith is the biggest part of my life, and daily I am doing my best to serve Christ and to accomplish His will for me. Through His strength and guidance I haven’t completely screwed everything up yet. Aside from that I enjoy hiking, video games (first person shooters preferably), basketball, and of course powerlifting, to name a few.

I know most of you readers, if I have any at all, aren’t super interested in my personal life so I will go on to explain more about my background in training. I will do a separate blog post about my gym as I don’t want my blog posts to be too lengthy.

I have been weight training since high school, so it has been about a decade, slightly longer. My reason for starting was because I was tiny (135 lbs senior year) and simply wanted to put on mass. I have a very small frame so that has been a challenge. I began training in my garage with my dad and brother. We had a bowflex, flat bench, standard barbell, some adjustable dummbells, and that was about it. The garage was not temperature controlled so summers were HOT and winters were FRIGID but I stuck with it nonetheless. Eventually I decided it was time for an upgrade so using my trusty paper route money I decided to get a membership at the local YMCA in Greensburg, PA. At this point I still really had no idea what I was doing. Exercise knowledge was limited and certainly had no idea about movement patterns, periodization, frequency, nutrition, volume, intensity, etc.  But I went in there, put in work, and kept with it. The dedication was never lacking. 5-6 days a week.

I am going to skip out on some details here and get more into the meat of things so I am not dragging on forever.

Graduated High School and went on to UPJ where I was finally able to put on weight thanks to buffet-style eating, pizza hut, and subway, which I was able to eat as regularly as I wanted because of the biggest meal plan the school had (thanks mom, dad, and Pap-Pap). Put on 25 lbs my freshman year.

Transferred to a branch campus close to home and also decided to ditch the YMCA, you can only handle people sitting on machines doing nothing for so long, and old naked people. I moved onto the Aerobic Center in Greensburg. Still people sitting around doing nothing but not as much. Some other people I knew trained there as well so we all began training together. Still didn’t have much knowledge as to what I was doing, but more so than High School.  Eventually met someone later in my college years that introduced me to powerlifting. Training for strength and strength alone. What is better than that? I respect those who are bodybuilders but perfect aesthetics is not my desire. I want to be strong, and that is what matters to me, so powerlifting is the best choice.

Now all these years I was training without ever thinking about injury prevention. This caught up to me and chronic lower back problems began to assail me. It wasn’t until the past couple years when I really began to research prehab, movement patterns, injury prevention, and got a mentor that I have finally been able to get the lower back under some control. It still isn’t perfect as the problem is genetic, persistent, and irregular but with movement pattern perfection, programming adjustments, and proper recovery huge improvements have been made.

I now deal with various clients that have lower back problems, knee problems, shoulder problems, etc and I have the knowledge to put them through a workout or program that can improve their issues as well as prevent future ones. So my own ailments have driven me to think more about injury prevention and recovery in training so I can help others, so I guess you can say its been a blessing in disguise.

Thanks for reading. I want to be as transparent so I felt this little bio was necessary. I hope you continue to check out my blog. If you ever have any questions please feel free to reach out through the “contact us” page on the website.




  1. William W.

    So glad you created this blog. Cannot wait to hear what you have to say about other topics including nutrition and fitness. I am a client of Sam’s and he has been training me for the past month and a half, give or take a week. I lifted heavy in high school and have been a laborer/contractor most of my life. That being said I had developed some knee, back, and especially shoulder issues. I a short time Sam has helped me start to get back into shape. I’ve lost over 20 pounds and have made some significant gains in strength, especially in my upper body. Sam is extremely knowledgeable and helps me pick the right supplements for my specific needs. Plus his prices cannot be beat!

    1. Samuel Sokol

      Thank you for the kind words Will! Very privileged to have you as a client!

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