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It took me a little longer between posts than I wanted. I will try to post more frequently moving forward. Anyways, I wanted this post to be about Full Armor and what we are all about.

The goal was to place a quality family-owned gym in the Mon Valley. A gym that treated you like family. A gym you could walk to and use whenever you wanted. The 24/7 access is a huge part of that. 24/7 access that you don’t have to pay extra for. The 24/7 access, family atmosphere, and quality customer service was enough to set us apart from any chain gym,but I wanted to be even more different.

Being a powerlifter I wanted Full Armor to be geared towards strength training. Not just powerlifting but Olympic lifting, strongman, athletes, etc. but when I started the gym I had the bare minimums. Couple machines like really old Nautilus machines, couple squat racks, and some old barbells. Slowly as memberships increased I got more equipment, almost always used from gyms closing down or from wealthy people that had commercial-grade stuff in their homes that they never used. The past year is when I really stepped things up and started getting more powerlifting-specific equipment, such as our monolift, chains, reverse hyper, and some of the top barbells and specialty barbells on the market. The more we grow the more I will add equipment. The goal is to start getting some strongman implements when we are able to expand into a larger building someday. Our website has a complete list of all the equipment we have available for use. I feel confident in saying you won’t find a gym in the Mon Valley with the tools we have for increasing strength.

As we gain exposure we are getting more and more student athletes, competitive powerlifters, and bodybuilders that have realized we are different. That we have what they need to be better athletes and more successful competitors.

I am also proud to say that our environment is just different. The members here are supportive, helpful, kind individuals. I have been to a lot of gyms and I personally have not experienced that. I am not saying we are the only one in existence because I know that can’t be true. I just want to highlight the fact that we are different in that regard.

My goal for this gym moving forward is growth. More space, more equipment, classes, more community involvement, etc.

Any success this gym has had is all because of my personal Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He brings in the awesome supportive  customers, He finds the absurd deals on gym equipment, He gives the exposure, He provides more than I could imagine and much much more than I deserve.

So please come check us out. We aren’t the biggest, we aren’t the fanciest, but we are different.

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