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Full Armor Barbell was started by Samuel Sokol with the help of his wife Ashley Sokol. Mr. Sokol has wanted to open his own gym since high school when he first became interested in training. He eventually started powerlifting as his main discipline and strives to keep his gym focused on powerlifting and other forms of strength training.

I saw an opportunity for a 24/7 strength gym in the area that understood the benefits of strength and conditioning training and supported a culture that was family-oriented, so I pursued creating just that. With God's blessing Full Armor Barbell was born.

Full Armor Barbell is a family-owned, 2500 square foot, 24/7 access strength gym that boasts an array of equipment suitable for powerlifters, athletes, crossfitters, olympic lifters, or anyone desiring to improve their health and strength. We pride ourselves on carrying specialty strength equipment that no other gym in the area has such as, a MONOLIFT, REVERSE HYPER, GHD, OHIO POWER BARS, ROGUE CAMBER BAR, AN OHIO DEADLIFT BAR, AND A COMPETITION POWERLIFTING OLYMPIC BENCH.

We have been open since December 5th, 2015. We are proud to be the premier 24/7 strength and conditioning gym in the Mon Valley. We know some people see the words "strength gym" and think "we can't go there, it will be a bunch of meatheads." While we do have "meatheads" lol, we constantly receive compliments about how helpful and respectful all our members and staff are. We provide a family and supportive atmosphere for anyone, not just strength athletes! All are welcome!!

Since we are a smaller community-focused and family-owned gym you will not have to wait around for a piece of equipment. We aim to provide a safe, personable, friendly, and family-like atmosphere.

We offer discounted memberships to First Responders (military, veterans, EMS, fire fighters), Seniors (62+), and College Students. We have No Contracts and NO ENROLLMENT FEES except $5 on your first month to rent one of our key cards needed to access the gym 24/7.

As added amenities we offer Certified Personal Training, free Wi-Fi and custom gear. We also carry ready-to-drink protein, preworkouts, intraworkouts, and an array of protein bars.

Come check us out or check our training page for a list of available equipment and to watch our video tour, check our certified personal training options, and our memberships!

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